Release Date: 10.02.2016

How to Survive 2 - Early Access Update 8-ALI213

Instructions for use:

1. Unzip
2. Copy the files to the game directory covering
3. Start game

Already contains all previous archive retrieval


A new quest is available from the bunker's radio, in the theme of "Mardi Gras".
Added new recipe and components to craft a "Mardi Gras" helmet from the "Accessories" building
Added new recipes: Lvl 20 Barbed baseball bat ("Accessories" building) and Raw baseball bat (character),
Added more blackberries trees in the raids taking place in the swamps
Potions, health cares, foods and drinks can now be consumed from the inventory by dragging them onto the character.
You can now choose your exit from Kovac's bunker (among the already discovered exits)
you can cancel a melee attack with a rush
A preview of your avatar is displayed when you select a camp in the camp's selection screen
You can flag your favorite camps in the camp's selection screen
Players can no longer destroy their defenses by hitting them.
Defenses can now be interacted with through a menu (the nearest defense glows to indicate its menu can be opened).
Climb detection tuning
Bug fix : sometimes after a last stand with a gun, a generic box was displayed at your character's foot
Selected item in quick inventory is now saved from a level to another
A sound effects has been added when hunger / thirst warning appears
Various fixes of collisions (especially balconies and furniture)